N is for the Next Generation

N is for the Next Generation (A to Z Blogging Challenge)

That is, “The Next Generation” virtual card set created for Decipher’s Star Trek First Edition CCG.

After Decipher cancelled the game, the Continuing Committee picked up the slack.

They are doing a wonderful job of creating virtual cards, new game play, a tournament system, and the like.

The latest addition to the Star Trek 1E card base is “The Next Generation” card set.













For complete details, go to their website:



5 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Irvin Ross
    Apr 16, 2012 @ 19:48:14

    Hi Roxannae, Irv here! I was never much vitual card games. You have peaked my couristy. How this work and how can I start up again without tangible cards in hand?


    • Roxanne Barbour
      Apr 17, 2012 @ 15:04:56

      Hi Irv
      Nice to hear from you.
      Just go to trekkcc.org and print off the virtual cards that you want to use in a deck.
      All rules, and such, are on that site.
      On April 29 (Sunday) we have an OTF tournament. Why don’t you come by my house, and watch and learn.
      See you soon.


  2. nutschell
    Apr 17, 2012 @ 11:44:05

    I seriously have to watch this series!
    Happy A-Zing!


  3. Liz Brownlee
    May 16, 2012 @ 11:06:55

    Hi Roxanne, thank you for following me. Did you know as well as loving nature I am a real Star Trek fan?


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