When Words Collide – August 10-12, 2012 Calgary, Alberta

I travelled to Calgary, Alberta to attend a convention entitled “When Words Collide”. This was a reader/writer speculative fiction convention. Very nicely done!

Through the Rockies, on the way to Calgary

The Aurora Award Winners

Robert J. Sawyer accepting the Aurora Award and the SFCanada Award for Best Novel of 2011

 On Saturday night, the 2012 Aurora Awards were presented. The Aurora Awards recognize Canadian writers, artists, editors, and fans for work and activities done in 2011.  And the awards went to:

BEST FAN OTHER: Peter Watts, “Reality: The Ultimate Mythology” lecture, Toronto SpecFic Colloquium

BEST FAN ORGANIZATION: Randy McCharles, founder and chair of When Words Collide (Calgary)

BEST FAN FILK: Phil Mills, Body of Song-Writing work including FAWM and 50/90

BEST FAN PUBLICATION: Bourbon and Eggnog by Eileen Bell, Ryan McFadden, Billie Milholland and Randy McCharles, 10th Circle Project

BEST ARTIST: Dan O’Driscoll, “Deep Blue Seven”, cover art for On Spec magazine, Summer Issue


BEST RELATED WORK:  On Spec, published by the Copper Pig Writers’ Society

BEST GRAPHIC NOVEL: Goblins, Tarol Hunt, goblinscomic.com

BEST POEM/SONG: “Skeleton Leaves” by Helen Marshall, Kelp Queen Press

BEST SHORT FICTION: “The Needle’s Eye” by Suzanne Church, Chilling Tales: Evil Did I Dwell; Lewd I Did Live, EDGE

BEST NOVEL: Wonder, by Robert J. Sawyer


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